Build your own lunch box from Ranch 99

Goi cuon and kimchi fried rice from Pho Dinh

Dinner at 663 Bistro

Pork adobo and afritada lunch plates from Oriental Mart

Pad Thai bento and yakiudon from Boom Noodle

Dinner at Aloha Ramen! Pork garlic rice, szechuan spicy ramen, tan tan tsukemen, and spicy garlic miso ramen.

Happy hour sliders from Marination Station

Thai noodle salad from Noodle Bowl

Sushi rolls from ‘Ohana

Goi cuon and pho dac biet

Delicious dinner from Szechuan First. Szechuanese boiled fish, chongqin chicken, eggplant in garlic sauce and cumin lamb.

Combo pho from Pho Than Brothers

Brunch at Kona Kitchen!

Celebratory dinner at I Love Ramen in Federal Way. Takoyaki, zaruudon, miso ramen, katsu curry, okonomiyaki, ramen and gyoza combo and hiyashi chuka ramen.

Hanging out at the Seattle Food Truck Festival eating some tasty grub!