Bun bo hue from Pho 99

Baked salmon, garlicky green beans and a panzanella salad! H

Veggie and chicken sausage scramble, garlic toast with tomato bacon jam and bananas topped with almond butter

Wonderful happy hour at Rock and Rye Oyster House!

Steak sandwich with black pepper garlic mayo, tomato bacon jam, and sauteed peppers on roasted garlic bread

Roasted cherry tomato and bacon jam

First dinner back in bellingham! Horseradish honey mustard wings, chorizo burger, poke, garlic-limr shrimp and St Louis style ribs

Than Brothers Pho!

Delicious Lao food from Savatdee!

Dinner from Fortune Garden!

Takeout from Little Uncle

Negihama and spicy tuna rolls from Shibumi

Dinner at 663. Taiwanese chicken hot pot, braised yee mein and steamed eggplant in xo sauce

Chicken yakiudon from Little Tokyo

First time at Tom Douglas’ Tanakasan. Savory caramel chicken wings, Osaka pancake, caramelized coconut beef, ramen #5, and a gojira burger